You will learn from Gay Love Spirit trainers and gain tantric experiences together with them.

We will cover the whole spectrum of your physical experience, sometimes it becomes very erotic and horny, in other moments it is more about emotions and heart or even subtle experiences.

Tantra means for us that everything that the men bring into the group is welcome, with love and respect for each other we will have a wonderful time.

What do you get

Topics we touch and experience:

- breathing techniques

- The Chakra System

- Tantric exercises: use your sexual energy for ecstatic experiences

- Experience trance-like states

- Cock-mouth connection: a sensual ritual in which you are pampered and spoiled

- Erotic self-love

- A Masturbation Ritual (Tao Kung Fu)

- Genital Massage

- Connection with all the senses and the nature that surrounds us

- Anal Massage

- Prostate massage

- Active and silent meditation

- We create supporting structures, go out with friends and experience the gay scene of Gran Canaria as a playground for adults.

Together we create a playful atmosphere characterized by trust, friendship and new discoveries.

We will use breath, touch, movement, meditation and sounds to make tantric experiences, and you will feel freer and more fulfilled.

We will work with the aspirations and development of each participant, emphasizing individual freedom of choice and responsibility. Every man in the group is a "training partner" to help you grow.

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