Massage Practitioner Training 2023 – Program is online!

posted Apr 12, 2022 by Nico

The 2nd generation of Massage Practitioners is about to finish the first 4 modules of the training and more are already prepared!! so, we have included it again in the program for 2023 and already have some bookings ;) looking for a new adventure to your most deep sensual touches?

The first module will again take place in Cologne, the second this time at the Summer Evolution in Vogelhof and modules 3 and 4 will take place in Berlin.

This training is a very good offer for you if you want to:

 – Improve your massage skills and raise them to a professional level. It doesn’t matter if you want to use your skills only for yourself and your friends or if you want to do it as a part-time job.

– Learn and experience tantrIc massage from scratch

– Learn how to better deal with feelings and thoughts that arise during massage sessions and distract or influence you

– Learn under which conditions you can earn money with your passion for massage.

So in short, the training is very good for becoming a special tantric lover, but also very good for earning extra money through good tantric massage work on a professional level.

In the training so far, these two were the main reasons for the trainees to join.

As far as the scope and depth of the training is concerned, we have followed the criteria of the German Tantric Massage Association and even exceeded them in some cases. 

In the first module we lay the foundations. After the essential theoretical basics you will practice a lot and give and receive your first two complete tantric full body massages.

We will soon report further on the progress of the training.

Between the modules there are online updates, so that the contact with each other can grow further.

If you have completed all modules of the training and if you have also done the required massages outside of the training with the feedbacks and these have been evaluated, we will be happy to certify your successful participation in the training with our certificate.

After the training, you can become a member of the Gay Love Spirit supervision group to share important issues that arise in your work with clients. 

To read more on the Training and book your spot, follow this link. And for any questions, you can reach us at