Summer 2020 – Security, Hygiene & Wellbeing

posted Jun 26, 2020 by Nico

As the restrictions are slowly but surely being lifted and our summer events are getting closer and closer, many men are asking us how we will meet the challenge of running safe workshops without sacrificing the fun and enjoyment. 

First of all, it is important to note that we will abide by all applicable regulations that will be in effect at the time of each meeting. 

Since the regulations may change depending on the development of the infection rate in the respective district, it is not possible to make a valid prediction. At the moment, things are looking very good in Germany, apart from some local “hotspots” (these lately have been mainly churches, some slaughterhouses and restaurants at festivities). In some regions, choir rehearsals are possible again – of course with more distance, preferably outside and if inside then with more ventilation, and brothels are allowed to work again. Masks are to be worn here, “if the nature of the service allows it”. As you can see, we read the regulations carefully…

 All course offerings in bodywork, massages and erotic sessions are prepared and adapted according to the current state of the art – the safety of all participants without sacrificing the need for closeness, intimacy and sex is paramount. 

There are many erotic variations in which closeness and distance can be staged and celebrated with relish (and also fun). So this year the focus of our offer will be right here. 

It is important to us to emphasize three points explicitly:

            1. The need for security of each individual is always respected by us. This means that we do not criticize or exclude anyone. We will find a solution for every security need. We will allow everyone the freedom to wear a mask during the event if they so wish, and we will not discriminate against anyone on the basis of their preference.

            2. There will be a variety of workshops in the festival, all with different degrees of proximity, so you can choose what you feel most comfortable with. Also in Summer Eros we will offer different workshops so that you can choose according to your preferences. We will refrain from breathing sessions in closed rooms for the occasion. But of course we can do a workshop for orgasmic breathing in the herb garden if we all keep a generous safety distance. We will hold as many meetings and workshops as possible outside in the meadow or by the lake. Fresh air is good for you!

            3. The following applies to all workshops, and it is actually obvious, but we should emphasize it again explicitly: it is your responsibility to come only when you feel healthy and fit.  This is the case for all workshops that deal with closeness, intimacy and touch. So if you feel something strange in your body and there is still time, ask your doctor. Or give us a call and we will talk about it (sometimes your mind goes crazy before a workshop and wants to put obstacles in your way…). In this Corona summer, the following also applies: If it feels like you have a fever, please take your temperature. If you have a fever, consult a doctor. 


Gay Love Spirit has always offered a safe framework for all workshops, training and retreats. We are trained in safe handling of people. For all activities involving touch, for example, disinfecting our hands and all things we touch in the sessions plays an important role. Therefore we always wash all massage cream bottles and things we touch in the sessions before and after use. We always encourage everyone to wash their hands after the sessions and again before eating. It is important to discuss and communicate these actions in the groups so that you learn these practical things and take them home with you. 

 Keeping safe also means creating an emotionally safe environment. In all session rooms there are Love Lounges, so that you can withdraw from a session that is not suitable or too challenging for you at any time. It is important for us to be in touch when there are difficult moments for you so that we can always support your growth process.

 You should always feel 100% comfortable and safe with us and be willing to accept the decisions and limitations of other people. Inadequate assessment of the situation and fear-driven behaviour would only create an uncomfortable environment for all of us. Especially after the lean months of ‘social distancing’ we want to create with you a lustful and saturated community experience, where everyone feels well taken care of.

With a lot of love, dedication, attention and a queer Summer Evolution spirit we will succeed also this time.