Art of Touch - Basics & Advanced

In the first part of this workshop you will learn the basic techniques of tantra massage, and the different ways to arouse and spread erotic sensations throughout the whole body to increase its capacity for pleasure.

We will gradually present the individual components of an erotic massage session: a simple yet profound set of strokes that we will first explain and show before going into the practice, both giving and receiving touch, and giving feedback.

Expanding the sexual energy to the rest of the body by combining genital massage and breathwork, you will experience a joyful aliveness. You may surrender to your passion, allowing yourself to be surprised and feeling the unlimited electrifying ecstasy surge from within.


During the second part we will expand on this knowledge by adding internal and external anal massage and incorporating it into the massage sequence.

As a receiver, your will also learn how to direct your masseur so that you can enjoy the full spectrum of pleasure that is available to you. The mix of deep tissue, breath work, genital and anal massage you will be taken to a heightened state of bliss and vitality.

In a loving and relaxed environment, we will look at how to cultivate intimacy and a deeper sense of pleasure and spirituality through touch and breath.

This workshop will be unclothed. We will work partly alone, mostly in pairs or small groups but also with the whole group.