Ayurvedic cooking like a pro @ Berlin

According to Ayurvedic tradition, as aspiring Ayurvedic cooks, we are called alchemists of life energy. Marc will teach us in this cooking class important basics of Ayurvedic cooking with good energy and fun.  It is then in our hands to use food precisely as a healing agent. 
You will see how we can make it creative, varied and extraordinarily tasty together.

What will you learn?

  • Preparation of dal, rice, vegetables, soups, chutneys
  • Roasting and cooking methods 
  • Making your own chai
  • Recognizing and using harmonizing menu components
  • Tips for grocery shopping

You will learn essential things about the constitution types in Ayurveda and how to support yourself and other types through your cooking. You will learn to cook delicious food for all main meals.

We will learn, we will go grocery shopping together, we will prepare, we will cook together and of course we will exchange ideas while eating together.