My queer family and their ancestors: systemic rituals for our community. @BARCELONA

I offer systemic rituals as a safe and open space for queer people in order to deepen ourselves and investigate our queer system.

I invite you to a journey of individual work and collective ritual where everyone participates.

Session 1: October 15 10-13h in the morning price 20 euros*.

Queer history and its gifts: the history of the world from a queer perspective, we connect with our ancestors.

Session 2: January 21 10-13h in the morning price 20 euros*.

All genders: We are all part of the wheel. Ritual where we can relate to all genders of the rainbow.

Session 3: April 15 10-13h in the morning price 20 euros* All genders: We are all part of the wheel.

Twice marginalized: loneliness in the family, loneliness in society:

You can attend all sessions or just some of them.

The work is individual and we support each other, unite with the other.

When I talk about rituals, I mean to create a harmonious space for healing. It is not a religious space or related to any particular culture, but related to nature, spirituality, understood as connecting with more invisible aspects to the senses - each one gives it its own name.

In my work of systemic rituals I want to ask for support to heal, call our inner forces that we can not always see, thank the forces that are around us and support us in our ancestors.

My name is Moxe and I come from the queer movement since 20 years in Europe, Israel-Palestine.

The word man always made me uncomfortable, the word gay didn't resonate with me either. I started to look for ....

Living, sharing and being in feminist, transmaricabollo and queer spaces in different contexts - little by little I created my community and found my tribe full of colors.

A tribe that is hard to label and define. We share many similar and many different experiences, however, based on mutual care.

The work is related to Daan Van kampenhout and his systemic ritual work - related to family constellations and his work on the soul of the tribe and Joana Macy an activist working on hope.