Berlin Gay Loving Spirits Evenings @IKSK-Berlin

The event will take place at the IKSK, centrally located via the underground station Jannowitzbrücke. You will receive a detailed description after booking.

Feel invited to our Gay Loving Spirits evenings!

All men are welcome. The evening is aimed at men from the gay, bi, trans and queer spectrum.  For all who would like to enjoy an evening of conscious intimacy together.

The focus is on our bodies. Each evening is about mindfulness in relation to intimacy. The one we can create when we enter into a physical exchange with others, but also the one we all carry within us that we are aware of, but also the one we haven't seen, sensed, thought about or acknowledged. We will build trust together so that you can gradually let yourself fall into the sensual flow.

Each evening we will use exercises using mindful breathing to move us through different themes around sexuality, relationships, conscious sensual touch, sensual movement, body awareness.... we will develop different approaches together.

Each evening there will be a space where you can rest or reflect between exercises and still be part of this wonderful process that will move us on Monday evenings.

We will encourage you with different exercises to engage in the desire to want something and allow your body to make it a YES! Should it be a no or a maybe?

We will also encourage you to feel your needs and boundaries, express them, be self-responsible and still keep yourself on the playful side of exploring sensuality and human interaction on a non-verbal or mental level. 

Clothing is optional. You don't have to take your clothes off, but as with most of our events, we celebrate the body in all its nature, sizes, shapes and colours. You are welcome to have fun and explore with other like-minded people and allies, even naked. 

If you don't like to take off all your clothes, that's perfectly fine too, though in that case it would be nice if you don't have a problem with the nakedness of the other participants and fully respect their nakedness. 

No previous experience is necessary for the Gay Love Spirit evening. We expect respectful interaction and your curiosity and desire to discover new things together.

Let's celebrate body joy and positivity together! Come and celebrate the experience of intimacy with us.