Berlin Queer Tantra Jams

The event will take place at the IKSK, centrally located via the underground station Jannowitzbrücke. You will receive a detailed description after booking.


From April 2022, we will try to get closer to the mood of the moment every evening. We will integrate new participants in the first hour and discuss the offer of the evening with you. If nothing clear comes from the group, we will continue in the sequence of our jams:


1. The gentle arrival 

The evening begins with a light physical warm-up exercise and a short meditation. After a short introduction and demonstration, a gradual massage exchange with different partners follows.

It is a gentle start which will give you a good introduction.


2. Celebrate your body

On this evening we will celebrate our sensual body. Some small exercises will open us up to a new world of feelings full of loving touches and new impressions. We will learn to better understand and love our own bodies as well as to respect other bodies.


3. Journey into sensuality

On this evening you will be sent on a sensual journey. We will smell and taste the season while experiencing warm, erotic touch.


4. Tantric energy work I

In this evening you will learn how to charge yourself with breath so that touch and erotic movements can unfold with full power.

You can learn how to get rid of tensions and disturbing thoughts in order to go freely into every encounter.

You will meet different people and experience how beautiful it can be to charge each other energetically and then enjoy the energy together.


5. Up to the plateau - tantric energy work II

Today we will focus on putting the touches we have learned so far for the massage of the front side into the right order and coming to a harmonious flow. By using the breath we will reach a high energetic plateau, which we will enjoy to the fullest.


6 Expand your experience - Tantric Energy Work III

Today we will learn how to explore beautiful paths in erotic ecstasy together. With the "Big Draw" you can distribute the tingling erotic energy throughout your body and charge the reserves of your body holistically.

Furthermore, the Big Draw can bring you into a transcendent state - you can learn to float in a wonderful in-between world and simply enjoy this

Jul 28, 2022, 8:00:00 PM
Jul 28, 2022, 11:30:00 PM
€29.00 (Early Bird)
€35.00 (Standard Price)
(7 Places)
Concession: In case of low income, price can be reduced to 20 euros. In individual cases, special arrangements can be made. No one should be prevented from participating for financial reasons. Please email:
Covid19: All our events abide to the current regulations for safety.

Rodrigo (Leader)