Berlin Queer Tantra Jams 4: Into the New Year with New Energy

We welcome you to our erotic touch practice for queer people.

With the Queer Tantra Jams, we as Gay Love Spirit consciously move out of our familiar gay world into the cosmos of sensual encounters in the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

We offer you a sequence of open evenings where we show you the central elements of Neo Tantra and allow you to experience them.

Each evening is open to beginners. We have divided different parts of the program into the individual appointments so that you can learn and experience something new each time.

We will cater to the individual concerns of the queer people present. Each evening starts at 18.30h and ends around 23h.

The first hour will be dedicated to the topic of setting, experiencing and respecting boundaries so that we can all feel safe in the space. All people coming for the first time should be there from 18.30h. 

Those who have already done an introductory workshop need not arrive until 7.30pm, at which point the regular evening program will begin. You will be randomly assigned to different partners, so that you can get to know different people. 

The evening will take place at the IKSK, which is centrally located via the Jannowitzbrücke underground station. You will receive a detailed description after booking the evening.

4. Into the New Year with new energy
On this evening you will learn how to charge yourself with breath so that touch and erotic movements can unfold with full power.
You can learn how to get rid of tension and disturbing thoughts so that you can flow freely into every encounter.

You will meet different men and experience how beautiful it can be to charge each other with energy, and then enjoy this energy together.