Body Eros Soul

This workshop is an invitation to give and receive sensuality.  The erotic encounters in this workshop are based on touch and movement.

Increasing the passion among the group’s members will empower us to communicate in an authentic way, and there will be moments of silence, creating a framework in which the soul can speak. This will allow a broader level of spirituality to develop between us. Various exercises will help you to be open to overcoming old shame-based patterns. We will find new ways of erotic expression so we can enjoy a deeper level of intimacy.

Our projections often limit our ability to be direct with one another and express what we really want or need. Please be prepared to challenge those limits within yourself. You will experience different approaches about how to build trust in your surroundings, let go of your projections, connect to your own desires and how to apply this to the reality of your life.

We will explore basic tantric massage techniques within a safe atmosphere and a supportive environment. The massages will include work on the back and front sides of the body, including the genital regions.

If you need to step out of the process at any point, you are welcome to take a rest in a safe space we call the Love Lounge. This will be available at all times in the workshop. You can rejoin the group when you feel you are ready to.

Yousef will wholeheartedly support each man on his own journey. He leads this workshop with a lot of passion that empowers each man in a unique way.