Body Liberation

Body Liberation is an unique combination of playful erotic and healing work. Using different methods such as erotic massage, systemic work and discovering your body energy centers.

„As a masseur I have given and received many erotic massages and I realise that my body and my partners' bodies still carry memories from childhood and youth that have lasted until today. Scars, blister, sensitive points, places that always want special care. At the same time I realised my body is an erotic being that hides and reveals stories. My body, like the Earth revealed by geological research, has more layers than I expected and it holds more than I can remember.“

Through different methods from systemic rituals, meditation, massage and sharing experiences we will explore our erotic body and heal our wounds. We will learn and use massage techniques and gives it a new meaning and intentions. Connecting to our power, sexuality and playfulness. Learning the „Body Liberation massage ritual“. An intentional touch - a touch that is aware - and aims to give pleasure and create intimacy.

We will work on different points in our bodies to which we attach different meanings and stories. Some cultures call them chakras but almost all cultures connect the body to the mind and soul. We will use our bodies to explore terms like sexuality, ego, intimacy, intuition and silence. This will help us to get to know ourselves in a deeper way. You should expect to connect deeply to your power and enjoy it a lot!

Throughout this seminar we will get to know different people, from different cultures, environments and stages in their life. It is this unique mix that will give the weekend its true meaning; opening up, daring, touching, howling. Come and connect with other men. Come, jump into the unknown!
While we will have an opportunity to share and reflect, the focus will be on bodywork, grounding and non-verbal communication.  We will free our sexual powers, talk without words, touch without explaining, express ourselves, smile and laugh without reason.

This weekend is an invitation to your sensual body to open up in a safe group of men and invite eroticism into your life. We will enjoy a relaxing weekend. We will take care of ourselves and challenge ourselves. Be part of a group of men who like to touch, learn how to give as well as receive in a safe environment. You will learn how to share touch with subtlety and depth, revealing new layers of intimacy.


Interviews for Body Liberation: