Couples Training

We have developed a Training consisting of 3 Modules for gay couples. This will be profound work to connect with our self, our partner and other couples on different levels. Difficulties and successes are rarely shared between couples. We tend to deal with our issues inside of our partnership.  Learning together with your partner in a group of couples proves to be fruitful and creates new commitment for your partnership on different levels.
A central learning process in this work is to communicate attentively, non-violently and respectfully about one's own perceptions, feelings and thoughts. Most couples report that communication is a key ingredient for a successful relationship, but getting used to disappointment, repeating the same arguments over and over again, and living with frustration, seem to be remarkably common too.  Is this a central part of your relationship agreement?

In the same way as in the single men`s training, we need to really know and understand our self in order to really know and understand our partner. Some couples might find the single men’s Training as useful a learning experience as this Training. 

Long-term gay couples are frequently viewed either as a miracle or as some kind of ‘arrangement’.
Gay couples face many challenges; from acceptance issues in their family circle to homophobia in their surroundings and workplaces, while at the same time there is pressure from the gay community to be hypersexual. In many cases an imbalance of power affects the equilibrium in a relationship  (e.g. who decides about leisure time, holidays, who has the most money, more friends, more sex dates, etc.).
The Training moves between lessons, conversations, role-play, touch/bodywork, systemic work and rituals. We encourage you to discover connections between mind, body and spirit.  For real change, all these areas must be touched and connected.

Give yourself the time to explore this Training. We find ourselves in a phase where our community moves fast, searching constantly for excitement and new experiences. At such a fast pace it’s hard to develop; we need time and repetition to make changes. Our mind needs to comprehend, our body needs to feel safe and our soul needs to be nourished. Creating intimacy within a group of men, building trust and opening up to find our own path requires a longer process.

We offer a spacious time frame over a six-month period, during which we have meetings every two months, with the possibility to communicate with one another between. In this way we are able to open up matters with care and have the time to resolve them. As a lively gay community we create support networks, (our last training groups are still in touch with one another.) We help you to find long-term solutions outside of the group if necessary. (We can’t claim to have solutions for everything, but we do have insights and experience to support you in many different ways).