Cüneyts Shamanic Journey

For thousands of years gay and bisexual men all over the world are practicing healers and shamans, and were highly honoured and respected as worthy members of the communities and tribes.

It is a pity that we lost this appreciation of the special qualities of gay and bisexual men in our society for the most part, which made it hard for a lot of men-loving men to accept these gifts within themselves and bear them with pride. Find a way to fully appreciate this being different with all its gifts and talents, and to love and accept yourself on all levels as a wonderful, special and valuable human being.

To achieve this, we dive down deep into our inner world, meet our Power-animals and our Spirit-guides in meditations and shamanic journeys, and learn to invite the Powers that surround us to support us in our growth and the unfolding of our true potential. Bathe in the loving and powerful support in this circle of men-loving men, who will support each other on this pathway to our true inner power!

Cüneyt leads this one-day shamanic trip. He has his roots in Turkey and lives and practises in Germany and Spain in his own practice, specialising in indigenous healing methods for a new age.

Cüneyt was initiated into the art of spiritual healing in 1996, and has been following the shamanic path of healing for over 10 years. His teachers include Dancing Thunder (Medicine man & Chieftain of the Susquehannock), Wai Turoa-Morgan (Maori and Matakite) and Ahamkara (Kam - Sibirian Shaman).

His educationalist studies, training as healing practitioner and coach, and his considerable experience through this work have given him a firm basis, which has allowed him effectively to bring over and communicate spiritual themes in a fun way. He gives individual sessions, talks and seminars, and leads a training group.

Currently there is no workshop scheduled. If you want to be among the first ones to be notified, please send a mail to booking@gaylovespirit.org

Interviews for Cüneyts Shamanic Journey: