The Surrender Space

Dive into the uncontrollable uncontainable power of Eros. Explore unknown possibilities and pleasures. The Surrender Space is an SM-workshop about power, dominance, surrender and play. We will create playful exercises both in verbal and nonverbal communication, so that your fantasies and desires may be freely expressed through your body.

It’s a different SM workshop in many ways: the focus is not on techniques, but more on the spirit of SM. In that sense it doesn’t need to include pain, but it’s an option for those open to it. It’ll be in a very safe space, as we create with all Gay Love Spirit workshops. So in that sense perfect for men who are attracted to SM, but don’t want to go by themselves to an SM-club or a fisting party for a first experience.

You will explore the inner attitude of SM, how to expand your inner space for these desires that are connected to being dominant, being submissive, losing control, going into roleplays. The roles are a framework for the intelligence of the body to lead the way in discovering what most it wants: Power? Submission? Control? There is no fixed agenda, the mind can relax.

You’ll venture into your own extremes, also in a tantric sense. It’ll help you to figure out what you really want/desire. You will discover how eros unfolds while stimulating all of your senses by entering the space of surrender. In this process the incredible power of your body will become apparent, your own space may decompress to expand or become more intense and vital. You will feel the flow between being active and being passive.  We will experience together how we can expand our range, from delighting in the smoothest of touches to experiencing delicious, desirable pain.  Our play may lead us from surrender to transcendence... For each encounter we will build a unique, safe and sensual space. It´ll be special, for sure.