The Art of Anal Touch

Pleasurable anal experience in a safe space. As a participant in this group, you'll discover how you can open up to deeper enjoyment.

First we set the groundrules we will work to. As an introduction, we turn our attention to the outside of the anus. We demonstrate the relaxing and pleasurable "rosebud” massage. We show a variety of touch techniques for this very sensitive, but highly erotic area. 

You will discover how to connect your deepest desires with new ways of finding pleasure. We then teach you how to perform the massage and you will of course receive it as well.

In the next step you'll learn how your rectum and surrounding muscles work. We discuss personal hygiene and cleaning tips. In addition, we explore our emotional connection with the anus. We create a framework which allows clear communication and within which you can express your needs and desires. Trust is the central issue here, allowing you to immerse yourself in the full experience of pleasure.

The next step is to demonstrate internal anal massage with direct prostate stimulation. Because we will be working on a parts of the body that are not visible,, we will support the giver in ensuring that the wishes and feelings of the receiver are respected.

In the other Anal sessions we will look at using fingers as well as some of the many toys from our collection. We will show you what you need to consider when using them, how you can gently increase your partner’s sexual pleasure, and finally how toys should be cleaned and disinfected.

The section on using toys is not about how to shove bigger and bigger things up your bottom. We offer space for you to experiment and discover what is most intense and enjoyable for you and how you can give your partner the maximum enjoyment.

After we have experienced many pleasurable exercises together, the last session is about how you can integrate your new knowledge and your new skills into an erotic full-body massage.

At the end of this workshop you will have learned a lot of new techniques and ways to improve both your own pleasure as to maximize the pleasure of your partner. Join us and become a special lover!

Interviews for The Art of Anal Touch: