The Sensual Man

El hombre sensual (ES/EN)

Monthly workshops of sensual massage of male bodies

For more information, please contact Moxe directly


Tantra, neo tantra, bodywork or sacred intimacy?

Many people are looking for erotic massage, it is not easy to find.

These evenings are 3 hours,

You will not become a tantric masseuse, but you will learn some techniques on how to give it.

We will massage only one part of the body each afternoon; if you attend often you will expand your knowledge more and more.

We will first break the ice by sharing an exercise, and little by little those who are ready can take off their clothes.

We learn to touch with respect and sensuality, we create a safe and pleasant environment where everyone can choose their limits. It is not an invitation for sex

For whom?

We are attended by people with a lot of knowledge who come to exchange massages,

others who come to experience what Tantra is all about,

while others want to learn the art of touching;

everyone is welcome. Be prepared, many times you will find that it is more difficult to receive.

You can attend one of the dates whenever you want, if you come every month you will learn much more than just giving and receiving massages;

you will get to know yourself better, you will recognize your limits,

explore your desires

and grow as a person.

Price 40 euros

Bring comfortable clothes


October 15
November 26th
December 17th
January 21
February 18
March 18
April 15
May 30
June 17


For more information, please contact Moxe directly