Eros Liberation

Liberate your Eros in an empowering group of men

Express your sexuality in a light-hearted and playful way. Discover yourself accepted into a group of men where you can be who you are, where all aspects of your self are welcomed.

This group of like-minded men will empower you to experience your body and your desires in a new way. You will explore the interplay between the many different aspects of your sexual impulse. We will share our erotic histories, starting from the sensations of our young years, through the deep desires of the teenage self, when the animalistic aspects of the sex drive reach the greatest extreme of their power. 

Integrating these experiences will lead you to a mature and balanced erotic life. 


This workshops includes:

- sharing intimacy with a group of gay and bisexual men

- exploring your body, mind and soul in new and different ways

- letting your animal side out to play

- practising tantric massage and creating powerful rituals

- enjoying Eros in a joyful and life affirming way

- easy yoga sessions being naked or in costume

- breathing techniques to boost your sexual energy

- sharing your heart in a safe space.

We will discover together, what erotic tools suit us best and how to use the tools of the tantric toolbox so that they become your personal erotic medicine… 

In this workshop we welcome all Beginners and Newcomers to the World of Gay Love Spirit. Eros Liberation It will however, also open new doors for those who have done other Workshops in GLS. Thorsten will accompany you and support you on a journey of discovery and will share with you what he loves most about encountering men in a tantric setting.