Erotic massage and sensual rituals

This workshop is all about touch, sensuality and rituals. Therefore we have chosen a very sensual place, the Hartberg Mountain in Austria. We will be hosted by Tommi and Geoffrey and spoiled in all kinds of good ways.    

During this workshop, you will learn how to transform your erotic encounters, be they sexual or massages, into experiences that give you deeper levels of satisfaction. We will inspire you to create your own sensual rituals to break through the unconscious patterns we all encounter in our sexual explorations.

You will gain a greater awareness of the energetic and emotional exchange during erotic encounters. We will open doors to new, more genuine and fulfilling experiences.

This workshop will give you the skills to give a great erotic massage and create rituals around it to create deeper levels of satisfaction.

What you will get:
- Basics of erotic massage
- How to structure a massage
- How to prepare yourself energetically
- How to build up a sensual ritual
- How to raise the level of erotic energy
- An unforgettable experience in a wonderful setting with very good hosts.
- A vibrant group of men sharing a dynamic energy