Family Constellation & Systemic Work

The classical constallation work is the family one. This time we’ll put some light not only on the family as origin of entrapments with its respective settings, birth orders and laws. We’ll also clear up their impact, regarding the placement of values and norms, that shape your self-perception (as man, as partner, as lover, as friend, as family member...).
In that sense we’ll be exploring other typical themes of the gay and bisexual space, for example: too little or too much sex, unfulfilled sexuality, addictions, promiscuity, SM, abuse, sexual identity, transgender, coming out, relationship problems. Or from another perspective: what kind of "bad" impacts does your family background have today in your life? The systemic work will support you in the next steps: What is the clarity and the mindset you need, to feel supportet to go easliy into a sane and happy life as a gay man?

Systemic constellations can offer real healing possibilities and solutions

As for all the methods that rise up clarity, also here, openness, truth and systematic approach are important fundaments in your path.

You may book the entire weekend, or the specific days. A detailled questionnaire comes direct after your booking via email to you. This is for your own clarity and for the preparation of your session. It is also fine if you just want to spectate and support the process.

We have for every constellation the time and the space to look for the right solution that has to appear on the very moment.