Relationship Training

Living happily in a relationship

This is a relationship training course for men who want to get ready for a happy and loving relationship. It is aimed at individuals who want to find a partner, and at men who are in a relationship and want to improve it.

Most people want to be in a loving relationship. Being part of a relationship has many advantages: having someone who understands you and whom you can rely on in all situations; sharing your life with someone; supporting each other and meeting life’s challenges together, big and small; and enjoying physical intimacy and sex.

The starting point today

Today we are constantly bombarded with pictures of smiling gay couples, in magazines or in adverts for everything from coffee to cars. However, in traditional social models there is no place for happy gay, queer and other relationships outside the hetero norm. We tend to copy and recreate much of what we learned in our families or previous relationships, as well as idealized images and values. This creates in us a predetermined model of how a relationship should be which does not reflect our individual needs.

Unfortunately, searching for a relationship and then maintaining it is not like going shopping, because what we really want, we can’t buy off the shelf, we need to work at it to make it come alive.

The desire for a stable relationship that respects and fulfills your individual needs is great. If we only operate within the given frameworks we have inherited, the success rate is rather low. When banal or everyday questions and problems arise this is often the moment when the relationship can cease to function. Before and during the relationship many questions arise:

Questions and more

As a single man
Is something wrong with me if I am not in a relationship?
Why do my relationships end so quickly?
How do I stop myself away from always falling into the same old traps?
Why can’t I find a new partner after the death of my old partner?

In general
Why don’t I feel ok? Is something missing in my current relationship?
How do we prevent a long-term relationship from becoming ordinary and boring?
How do we live with trust, instead of with jealousy or conflict?
How do we define a space for our relationship that respects our individual need for space?
Does a relationship fulfill all my needs?
How can I meet my needs? Can a relationship satisfy all my needs?
How do we manage to live together in a loving, caring way?

How we keep an active sex life going in a relationship over two or three years? Do we want that?
What is the connection between love, companionship, sex and relationship? Can they only exist together

Happiness and love
Will happy gay relationships for us always be unattainable because we lack role models for them or because the gay scene is oversexualised?
How do we find a way to experience love for ourselves?
Are we too impatient?

Conflicts and crisis
How can we resolve conflicts without arguing and to hurting each other?
What do we do with an "unsolvable" problem?
Should we continue with this relationship, even if it isn’t giving us what we want, or we have too many problems and conflicts?


We work with methods drawn from systemic couple therapy and systemic work in general (systemic constellations, family constellations, systemic ritual). The application of these methods takes up a total of about two-thirds of the time. In the remaining third, we work with meditation, integrative bodywork, movement work and contact.

Even with deep and serious dedication to the issues that concern us, we will of course also come into contact with many emotions. We will gradually learn to accept emotions, to transform them and also to let them go. We won’t only experience being serious, thoughtful, sad, angry, etc. but also cheerful, joking, laughing, our hearts filled with fun. Lightness will transform us!

We go into this training course ready for change, ready to broaden our horizons, ready to seek a more robust framework for a happy relationship that leaves space for growth and expansion. After the search, we are willing to rebuild the frame again to fill it with meaningful, playful, thoughtful and sensual experiences in a loving, physical, erotic and spiritual atmosphere.

How to book for the entire Training

Single men can book the entire course from Module 1. For men who are part of a couple or couples, we recommend booking from Module 2 onwards. You will find the options for this under the first Module (for Module 1 - 5 as a package) or under the second Module (for Module 2 - 5 as a package). Men who already know that they can't do all the modules can also book single modules. The number of places for that option is limited.