GLS Training

Take the plunge...
We offer a safe setting, where the possibility of deep, enriching experiences awaits you. Discover the source of your power and your creativity. Connect with the essence and learn to align your life according to your needs.

Connect to the source...
In each module, we explore a different theme. Eight trainers, using their experience, knowledge, skills and personalities will provide you with all that you will need on your journey.
The recurring structure of the 6 modules utilises body and movement work, meditation, energy work, voice and other types of expression with the aim of strengthening communication skills as well as taking pleasure in the expression of intimacy and spirituality.
In between each module are regional peer group meetings in order that you do not need to process the experiences and learning alone. These are spaces where you can deepen your experiences with other men.

We support each other - in the individual modules, in the peer groups and via communication between the modules. This allows you to  explore your dreams and aspirations in an ever deepening way leading to the fulfillment of your potential

Connect to each other...
Through the training you will come come to experience sustainable intimacy  and healthier sexuality. You will learn to integrate it in your everyday life so that you will be more relaxed and powerful in meeting daily challenges. Eros embodies more than sex. You will learn how you embrace the energy of life and connect yourself to nature and to others.

It is good to live life apart from preconceived concepts.
Through our training you will be offered the opportunity to reconsider your identity as a gay, bisexual , queer or questioning man  based on positive experiences :

• The experience of a healthy and nourishing sexuality
• The experience of wholesome relationships; how they feel and how they have the power to dissolve unhelpful symbioses and unnecessary entanglements.
• Pleasurable, creative and original group experiences, which are not defined by the (consumer) society’s prescribed norms and values.

The training will help you to accept all the components of your personality and to feel your uniqueness and live.

In practical terms ...
Eight coaches with different backgrounds and different spiritualities will provide you profound insights into your process. The diversity of trainers will stimulate you to open yourself and enable you to build a full loving and stable relationship with yourself and the others on the course. It will also help you to build loving friendships and honest relationships in the future.

If you become curious and want to immerse yourself in this process, send an email with your contact details to Write to us who you are, at what point in your life you stand and what motivates you to embark on this wonderful process.