Instinctive Nature

This weekend is an invitation to (re)discover and to experience the nature of our body and our body as part of nature. The journey will take place within a framework of shamanism and bodywork. Landscape and forest, sweatlodge and swimming pool, dance and creativity will help us to travel into new territories of our body and feelings.

This path will softly guide us to our instinctive nature. An opportunity to come into contact with our inner nature which opens a space that is beyond our character. Our inner animal becomes visible - the doorway to and the source of different colours and qualities. It awakens, we listen to it, we see it, we feel it and experience it. You can find yourself in the fire of the bull, in the sensuality or wildness of the tiger, in the beauty of the horse, in the softness of the wind, in the emotion of a touch, in surrender to your heart...

A conscious connection to our inner animal and the free expression of it will inspire and enrich the bodily experience with ourselves and with others. In the open space we create we will experience the wide range of our human bodily experiences and so explore new tastes of intimacy and sexuality.

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