The Israel-Palestine tour 2019

We will combine the visits to various interesting places with a closer look at the Israeli-palestinian society.
A basic GayLoveSpirit 2 days workshop will take place in the beginning. These two events are separated.
It will be a trip among friends: We will be 12 men maximum for this wonderful Late-Summer experience in Israel and Palestine.

Visiting Israel-Palestine these days is not an easy mission, the Palestinian are advocating for a boycott and the Israelis are doing all they can to attract gay men to the “gay capital” of the Middle East. Therefore, to be a concious tourist in this culturally rich and problematic place is a challenge.

This tour will try to give us the opportunity to look closer at the situation in Israel-Palestine, Is it really a gay heaven? What's happening 2 hours away from Tel-Aviv? The tour will have a human rights approach with an emphasis on gay issues both for Israelis and the Palestinians. We will also explore historical and special sites, eat very good food and have fun!
The aim of this tour is to open our hearts and eyes to one another. We believe that as gay men who had to fight for recognition and wish to explore our sexuality and identity on a wider level, we can't ignore other struggles in our travels.
We take the challenge to enjoy our trip with open eyes!



Interviews for The Israel-Palestine tour 2019:


Day 1-2: 4-5th October 2019
Gay Love Spirit Workshop „Body Liberation“ with Moxe

Day 3: 6th October 2019
We will visit the north part of Israel, we'll visit a mixed Palestinian- Jewish city, the green part of the country and more.

Day 4: 7th October 2019
Dead sea- it's time to see the lowest place on earth, salty water and mud everywhere. We'll enjoy the sea, talk about the future of place and of course get covered with mud.

Day 5:  8th October 2019
Some of you might've visited Tel-Aviv already, therefore we will focus on the gay bubble that was created in the last decade, We will have a lazy day in Tel Aviv. We go to the local market. Later we go to a fantastic gay beach, Ga'ash, 30 km north of Tel Aviv.

Day 6: 9th October 2019
We will make a walking Tour in the old city of Jaffa and a walk across the shore to the Gay Beach.

Day 7: 10th October 2019
Jerusalem. We will go back to the history of the city center and include places that were and are significant to the gay community. Later we will walk in the old city. See the places that are sacred to all monotheist religions. We will sleep over in the old city.

Day 8: 11th October 2019
Al Khalil/Hebron- We will visit an ancient holy Palestian city deep in the 67 territories, where settlers decided to live, creating an impossible situation. The tour will be led by „breaking the silence“ (an organization of ex soldiers that served in that city).
We will head back to tel aviv passing through some ecological projects if we will be up for it ;)
Those of you who want to party, this is the night. Many Israeli gay men will do the same.

Day 9: 12th October 2019: End of the trip at 10AM after breakfast

The price include overnight stays in a double room (mostly shared bed) in Tel-Aviv, Daily guided tours (four days in a rental car) and the Gay Love Spirit Workshop “Find yourself, love yourself”.

The price does not include flights, Airport transfer and food.

We will begin the program on the 4th in the evening. If you arrive on the 3th and need help with the overnight stay, please send a mail to Moxe . We may organize for you an overnight stay. If you want a single room, please mail Moxe about the price of the single supplement.

Moshe will be present in Tel-Aviv starting the 3th of October.