Love Coaching

Gay Love Spirit introduces a new workshop in English, Spanish and German. It will be a small group gathering in Barcelona for a weekend of coaching with all our senses. 

Does what we want to do fits to what we feel we have to do? What does our body tells us about our decisions? Do we have a big plan for our relations, sexual life, our intimacy…. 

Can we picture it clearly?

Many times you make decisions and life plans and they don't work. There are many coaching techniques, for career, for work-life-balance, for good sex, for love….

We decided in Gay Love Spirit to invite men for a safe and relaxed weekend in Barcelona to explore, challenge and make some long lasting plans. We have been accompanying gay men for more than a decade, through workshops and private sessions. We focus on the connection between love, intimacy and deciding where and how to live. We look at the interactions between our profession and our physical condition, and we consciously look at the discrepancy between the changes we want to make and what is possible in our situation. Accepting that things are constantly changing and appreciating things that are stable is the basis for a good development.

Tommi, who is a life coach for many years and did the Gay Love Spirit 2-year-Training and has also been investigating ever since the relation between intimacy and coaching;  together with Moxe, who is a facilitator in Gay Love Spirit for 10 years, a sex coach and systemic ritual facilitator, will work together on a recipe for a love coaching process.

First Ingredient: A group that can hold you when you fall, that can hold you accountable to your deepest desires. Group intimacy is a motor for life and love.

Second ingredient: Acknowledging the connection between body, mind and spirit. We are a complex being and our physical body, our need for intimacy and our tribal beliefs are deeply intertwined with what we consider as being happy and whole.

We will observe how deep changes start with our soul, through meditation, love coaching, family constellation/systemic work, and sensual touch. 

Together we break old patterns and solve long-term difficulties that keep you from being who you really want to be. Using simple coaching methods we can explore where do I sabotage myself, where is my power and how can i connect to it whenever i need to. 

A certain fermentation process is necessary, so we encourage everyone to meet again in October to reflect and use the strength of the group and the wisdom to grow consistently.