Massage Practitioner Training, Module 4: From optimal touch to flow

Module 4 - From optimal touch to flow 

First we will explore together the path to optimal touch: What have you learned so far about different body types? How was your approach so far? What were the circumstances for your best sessions so far, what challenged you?
After you have internalised the massage techniques you have learnt and their sequences, you will be able to slowly detach yourself from the scripts.  Together we will learn the steps to make your massage sessions even more sensitive to the needs of the men. We will support you more and more in coming into your own flow.

You will learn how to best deal with challenging criticism - what can you improve, what can you integrate, and how do you best communicate with demanding clients? 

In the theory section we will continue to deal with anatomical basics. In addition, we will briefly look at the legal framework in the relevant European countries: How can you practice erotic massage in your home country? What are the most important regulations regarding legal practice, advertising, taxes? Who can support you? 

Of course, you will once again learn some new approaches and expand your skills.

The fourth module ends with a small celebration and the handing over of the certificates. Of course, we will also have a little fun. Your network is now set - we'll definitely stay in touch!

This event is part of our Massage Practitioner Training in 4 modules. To book only this module instead of the whole training, get in touch with us first!

Jan 2, 2025, 2:00:00 PM
Jan 5, 2025, 4:00:00 PM
€465.00 (Early Bird)
€495.00 (Standard Price)
(2 Places)
Concession: If your disposable income is not exceeding 500 Euros per month = approx. 30% discount. In individual cases special arrangements can be made, No one should be prevented from participating for financial reasons. Please send an email to:
Overnight stay for 15 euro per night. Please bring your own sleeping bag and pillow.

It is also possible to book your own private accommodation in the area around the venue.

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Luis Rodrigo