Massage Practitioner Training, Module 5 - On to the next Level

This module is about recognising the tantric energy flows, their application and control. First we focus on mental, emotional and physical preparation. Then we learn together how to control and improve the energy flows.

In this module we will introduce you to the basics of tantric rituals. You will learn how to design and perform your first ritual according to all the rules of the art.

We will practice a whole range of breathing exercises so that the breath becomes another of your tantric tools. We will conclude intensive tantric massage rituals with the "Big Draw".

You will learn how to connect energetically with the client, how to direct the energy and finally how to focus on your own energy again.

In the last part you will learn how to create a transpersonal tantric experience with your massage friends and clients. You will also learn how to deal with difficult situations: You will learn what makes the right accompaniment during intense physical and emotional processes.

The penultimate block also deals with the basics of your self-presentation for your future work as a tantric masseur. We will guide you to start creating a first text for your offers.