Massage Practitioner Training, Module 5 - Explorations in the inner universe

This module is about the role of the organs in tantric massage and in particular how you can integrate anal pleasure in the safe space of tantric massage.
We will start by focussing on the outer part of the anus. We will demonstrate the relaxing and at the same time pleasure-opening "rosebud massage".  We will demonstrate different touch techniques for this very sensitive but highly erotic area.
This allows your deep desires to be combined with new possibilities of ecstasy. You will then learn how to apply the massage and, of course, take on the role of the recipient.
In the next step, you can learn how your rectum and the surrounding muscles work. We will discuss hygiene and cleaning tips. We also explore our emotional connection with the anus. We create a framework in which clear communication is possible and you can express your wishes and needs. Trust is the central theme so that we can delve into the cave of pleasure together.
The next step is a demonstration of internal anal massage with direct prostate stimulation. Here we also try to convey the invisible. In the subsequent applications of anal massage, we support each giver and ensure that everything takes place according to the wishes and sensations of the recipient. Of course, in addition to the fingers (and hands?), we also use the numerous toys from our collection. We'll show you what to look out for when using them, how you can gently increase your massage partner's pleasure and, of course, how to clean and disinfect the toys at the end.
After we have experienced many pleasurable exercises together, the last sessions will focus on how you can best integrate your new knowledge and skills into the tantric massage.
We will also have a small alternative programme for those who are not keen on caving.
Morning meditations and short excursions into nature will round off this module. We will also have the opportunity to expand our awareness with all kinds of herbal tinctures.
We will also discuss the legal framework in the relevant European countries: How can you practise erotic massage in your home country? What are the most important regulations in terms of legal practice, advertising, taxes? Who can support you? Another part of the tutorial is about differentiating your services - you can now offer different sessions. We'll give you tips on how to do this easily and effectively.

May 23, 2024, 5:00:00 PM
May 26, 2024, 4:00:00 PM
€345.00 (Early Bird)
€395.00 (Standard Price)
(3 Places)

This event is part of our massage practitioner training. You must have completed the previous 4 modules to attend!

For students & the financially disadvantaged, special conditions can be requested through the Booking Office:

Group dormitory/own tent/camping mobile: 25,- Euro per night (incl. meals).

Please bring your own sleeping bag, bedding and pillow if your luggage allows it. You can also rent a tent from Gay Love Spirit for 10 Euro/night. Please write to at least 1 week before the start.

Double room: 52,50 Euro per night per person. (incl. meals)

Single room: 65,- Euro per night (incl. meals). There is limited availability of single rooms, they are preferably allocated to men with sleeping disorders or snorers - will be confirmed one week before the event.

All rooms have bedding and a private bathroom.

The rooms and mattresses are coordinated by us. There are a total of 5 bedrooms with 9 beds and a seminar house with mattresses. Camping is also possible in the garden.


Thomas (Leader)

João Pedro

João Pedro