Massage Practitioner Training Modul 7

In this advanced module we prepare you for a different approach to the massage session. In floor massage you can use your whole body, you can use your knees, thighs, feet and bottom in addition to your hands and feet. 
Massage on the floor requires a certain flexibility and body control. If you don't have it, you must know how to help yourself so that you don't tense up or overexert yourself.
More body contact creates more closeness and intimacy. The receiver can also touch you more easily in this position and make contact with you. All the more reason to address this aspect in the preliminary talk and to verbally define the common space beforehand. We will discuss this in the tutorial part of the module.
We only offer this kind of tantric sessions to men who have already received some massages, so that they can also integrate the greater intimacy well without being overwhelmed or falling back into old patterns.
In this module the practical part is about directing the tantric energy flows, their application and control. You will learn how to connect energetically with the client even in the new positions, how to direct the energy and how to finally focus on your own energy again.
Another tutorial part is about differentiating your offerings - you can now offer different sessions. We give you tips on how to make it easy and effective.
Morning meditations and small excursions into nature round off this module.

This module can only be booked by graduates of the Massage Practitioner Training.