Massage Practitioner Training

In this four-module training we will teach you everything you need to set up and enjoy unforgettable erotic massage sessions, both as a giver and as a receiver.
Whether you want to take the experience and the knowledge and make a profession out of it; you simply want to be a better, more enticing lover and please your partners and friends with intense touches; or you wish to expand your skillset if you are already a professional, this is the training for you.

More specifically, this training is aimed at:

  • Men who want to grow personally and expand their skills.
  • Men who want to open up a new circle of tantric friends
  • Men who want to offer erotic massages on a professional level 
  • Men who want the support of other experienced men on the path to independence
  • Men who want to expand their desire for touch, free sexuality, and intimacy and train their talent in dealing with massage partners and clients

In the practitioner training you will learn 

  • to independently give erotic massage sessions on a professional leve 
  • the ability to give pleasant touches at any time 
  • to increase, direct and enjoy erotic energy 
  • to be able to relate to very different people, their bodies, personalities and needs
  • to distance yourself elegantly when necessary and to take care of your own well-being

You will build healthy relationships with other men in the program that are characterised by acceptance, mutual respect, support and care.


Module 1 - Basics

In the first part of this workshop you will learn the basic techniques of tantric massage and the different ways to awaken and spread erotic sensations throughout the body. With this you can increase your ability to feel pleasure.

Gradually we will introduce the components of an erotic massage session: a simple but profound series of massage exercises that we will first explain and demonstrate before going into practice. You will learn how to give touch as well as how to receive touch and give feedback.

Module 2 - Applying and learning through feedback

Practice makes perfect. We offer the men of the training the unique opportunity to apply what they have learned so far in a very supportive environment. We have created four time slots on three days of the Summer Evolution Festival where you can apply what you have learned so far. Here you will be assigned masked training partners who will enjoy your skills and give feedback to you and us afterwards. In two further time slots we will prepare you for the sessions and conclude the module together.
You will be introduced to important anatomical basics of the work in another sequence of this module.
The last block is about the basics of your self-presentation for your future work as a tantric masseur. We will guide you on how to start creating a first text for your offers.

Module 3 - Deepen your skills

This training module is about getting to know the tantric quadrilateral and filling it with life. The first part is about deepening your sensory skills. You will learn to artfully use the entire sensory laboratory (touch, sound, taste, breath, air, scent and light) in your massage. You will artfully indulge all the senses of your massage client. In doing so, you will also become more aware of your own body and establish a deeper connection with it. In this part we also learn how important the right intention is for a good touch.
The second part is about recognising the tantric energy flows. First we focus on mental, emotional and physical preparation. Then we will learn together how to control and improve the energy flows. You will learn how to connect energetically with the client, how to direct the energy and finally how to focus on your own energy again.
In this module we will familiarize you with the basics of tantric rituals. You will learn how to design and perform your first ritual according to all the rules of art.
The third part is about increasing the energy build-up to perform orgasmic genital and anal stimulation at a high intensity on several levels. You will learn how to be a good companion for this ecstatic journey. 
In the fourth part you will learn how to bring about a transpersonal tantric experience in your massage friends and clients. You will also learn how to deal with difficult situations: You will learn what constitutes the right accompaniment during intense physical and emotional processes.

Module 4: From optimal touch to flow 

First we will explore together the path to optimal touch: What have you learned so far about different body types? How was your approach so far? What were the circumstances for your best sessions so far, what challenged you?
After you have internalised the massage techniques you have learnt and their sequences, you will be able to slowly detach yourself from the scripts.  Together we will learn the steps to make your massage sessions even more sensitive to the needs of the men. We will support you more and more in coming into your own flow.

You will learn how to best deal with challenging criticism - what can you improve, what can you integrate, and how do you best communicate with demanding clients? 

In the theory section we will continue to deal with anatomical basics. In addition, we will briefly look at the legal framework in the relevant European countries: How can you practice erotic massage in your home country? What are the most important regulations regarding legal practice, advertising, taxes? Who can support you? 

Of course, you will once again learn some new approaches and expand your skills.

The fourth module ends with a small celebration and the handing over of the certificates. Of course, we will also have a little fun. Your network is now set - we'll definitely stay in touch!


After completing Module 1, you have the task of carrying out six independent massage sessions of 90-120 minutes each until the start of Module 3. During Module 2 alone, you will have the opportunity to perform four complete massages under protocol conditions. After each session, a simple protocol will be made and then sent to the instructor. After Module 3, we ask you to do another six massage sessions and provide us with the protocols. In total you need 12 protocols for certification.

Online updates
Approximately 3 weeks after the first, second and third module there will be a short online update where we discuss the personal experience of each participating man. Together we look at how we can support each other so that your learning and growth process can progress well.

During the time of the training you should also participate in three online supervisions. If you offer erotic massages, erotic bodywork and spiritual-erotic sessions yourself, you will sooner or later experience that you are reaching your limits in your work. Maybe a session goes into areas you didn't really want to work on or maybe you feel you have done something wrong. Or there are situations where you are stuck and need the advice of experienced colleagues. In the online supervision a group of experienced massage therapists will support you. The wisdom of the group will certainly help you to get a different perspective on a problematic situation and to master the situation the next time. 


Dates and locations:
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