Mastering Midlife!

„We cannot live the afternoon of life according to the program of life’s morning, for what was great in the morning will be little at evening and what in the morning was true, at evening will have become a lie.”

C.G. Jung

Who really wants to get older? The first grey hairs – in case there are still someone on your head – could not be ignored anymore. Your laughter lines probably getting bigger and you begin to notice even more wrinkles somewhere else on your face. You might notice a fear of being left on the shelf. We face our midlife often with fear and insecurity. Especially men experience different changings in their midlife. Things which have worked out before are not working anymore or they work different now. Our body does not react like it used to do which makes a lot of trouble for many men particularly with regard to the sexual potency. What this text is about is “Midlife Crisis”.

Some men try to ignore getting older by constantly living their life like they did before as if they were always in their twenties. They are longing after eternally youth and take Viagra, Testosterone, Botox and other kind of things. Others are getting depressed and hide themselves from life by burying their head in the sand. At the end they are frustrated and lonely.

The challenge about the Midlife Crisis is, that we have to face it and that we need to make a decision. Otherwise life decides for us, which we sometimes call destiny. It is up to ourselves if we react with stubbornness and turning away or if we accept the changings to reach another level in life, which promises more fulfillment and success!

I myself am in this kind of change now. I consciously closed my eyes long enough not wanting to face the truth. Meanwhile I understand the so called “Midlife Crises” as a real chance to sort my life in a new way and to place emphasizes in another order. Thus I was able to regain a better standard of satisfaction in my private and professional life and I could change my physical comfort more positively. As a LifeCoach and Trainer I am counseling many gay men. So I am familiar with their situations in life and its associated problems and conflicts. Due to my experiences as an Escort for gay men for many years I got to know different kind of sexuality and sexual problems which a change like midlife comes with.

With this special workshop I want to share my knowledge and experience to show you and all the others, who want to get familiar with in a playful way, chances and opportunities. I want you to find your personal answers and that you conceive the “crisis” (from the old Greek “reversal point” or “decision”) as a transformation.

This workshop is about exploring the new frame which the turning point in the midlife is giving to us. Like a new field there are new rules and another kind of game which has to be conceived. Previous aims not necessarily have to get defined new but they probably have queried and have to adjust to the new rules. Because of the new frame the way we implement aims has to change.

I invite you to stop in a safe space together with me finding your individual answers and exploring yourself in a new way to reach more satisfaction in your life.

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