Module 2. All aspects of a successful hunt

Module 2. All aspects of a successful hunt

The second module goes further into the exploration of our desires and what we can do to achieve them. There are different ways to be a successful ‘hunter’. In order to make an impression, some men stay cool, others do adventurous things, yet others might do comical things. That's one aspect. We must also be clear that when hunting for a man we don't want to shoot him. In fact, quite the contrary, we want to have him very much alive. After a successful encounter, plus great sex, you might find yourself wanting more; then the real trouble can begin.
How much closeness do I need?
How much does he need?
How much can I give?
How much can he give?
 And so on, and so forth…

What will I learn?
How do you like to be seduced? What are your flirting secrets? What is the perfect seduction for you?

Examine, expand and perfect your skills at getting a boyfriend.

Work on issues around intimacy. In many cases these prove to be the biggest challenges of all. 

-How to protect our space
-How do we allow others to enter our space. 
-Are we comfortable about letting them stay.

We detect common traps that materialise when starting out in new relationships and teach you how to avoid them, or how to come out of a relationship stronger.

Learn how to connect your heart’s passion with a clear mind and your craving for sexual satisfaction.