Massage Practitioner Training, Module 2 - Applying and learning through feedback

Module 2 - Applying and learning through feedback

Practice makes perfect. We offer the men of the training the unique opportunity to apply what they have learned so far in a very supportive environment. We have created four time slots on three days of the Summer Evolution Festival where you can apply what you have learned so far. Here you will be assigned masked training partners who will enjoy your skills and give feedback to you and us afterwards. In two further time slots we will prepare you for the sessions and conclude the module together.
You will be introduced to important anatomical basics of the work in another sequence of this module.
The last block is about the basics of your self-presentation for your future work as a tantric masseur. We will guide you on how to start creating a first text for your offers.

This event is part of our Massage Practitioner Training in 4 modules. To book only this module instead of the whole training, get in touch with us first!

Extra days

This module will be part of our annual Summer Evolution Festival. If you want to join the festival from the beginning, on the 6th of August, you can do so with a supplement of 80 euros.