Module 3. Accepting my desires, understanding my behaviours.

Module 3. Accepting my desires, understanding my behaviours.

The gay world presents endless possibilities to have sex and know other men, so why do I spend so much time on those dating apps? Why do I always choose the hot, muscled guy, a straight acting type or the exotic, beautiful, young man? Fixating on an image instead of a person.
In the third module, we take a closer look at our outmoded patterns. Frequently we repeat the same old patterns of behaviour without being aware of it.
We look closely at our deepest needs, and learn to take a healthy path in order to find them. 

One of the things that we learn to do is to endorse our needs and state, by sensing through the body and feeling the emotion before acting upon it, or trying to solve it. Our feelings are the way our soul and body tell the brain to look closely at what is happening; the brain is used to solve problems and react.

Taking the time to learn something slowly can be wonderful. When one is craving something really special the wait can be worth it, eventually leading to the ability to cultivate something new. 

We are able to feel and accept our needs without running after them. We learn to smile a little at our self and go into the next encounter with new insights, more self-confidence and more serenity.

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We can only be happy in a relationship if we can be happy when we are single. Only then do we really have a choice. But if we are really happy as single men, why do we need a relationship?

We all have a long history of ties and relationships. We are born into a family, and we can not choose our family relationships as a child. The first relationships shape us deeply, and often we carry the baggage from them around with us for our whole lives. But we can "clean up", so we can transform the "lifetime" perhaps into "many years" and then the burden of the past might eventually go away.

Shyness, feelings of inferiority, mistrust, passivity, fear of commitment - we will look at how bad experiences from the past affect our present behaviour. Are you still deeply hurt from a past relationship? Have you not got over the loss of your last partner?

We will heal old wounds of your heart with systemic work and intense ritual work.

In this module we do the bulk of the groundwork, discovering how to live life as a free and happy single man. 

Thomas (Leader)