Module 3: Communication (growing)

The art of resolving conflicts painlessly

You will learn different ways to resolve conflicts in a safe and quiet atmosphere without smashing plates!  Effective conflict resolution enables us to understand each other on a deeper level and releases energy in two ways: a resolved conflict brings a lot of positive energy into the partnership and leads to a more loving bond.

We will look at the typical patterns and situations when conflicts usually arise. We will learn how to recognise chronic problems.

One possible focus of the systemic work in this module is recognising unconsciously acquired value judgements and unresolved conflicts inherited from your original family or upbringing. Understanding what brings you or your partner repeatedly into conflict is the key to a better and more profound understanding. This brings more love, growth and happiness into the relationship.

Another aspect is how the sense of community can help us to look at our issues from a broader perspective. Simply doing that helps to reduce them. With the power of the brotherhood of the trainees you will get the support to get out of your own way, understand your partner and appreciate what you have rather than focussing on what doesn’t feel right and what you are missing.

In this module you will learn to solve conflicts productively and to use their energy as an engine for the growth of your relationship.