Sex is very straightforward when one is by a need, not by a complex. (Georges Simenon)

I think sex is overrated. (Audrey Hepburn)

Sex is only dirty if it is done properly. (Woody Allen)

The genitals are the resonance chamber of the brain. (Arthur Schopenhauer)

The penis obeys not the command of his Lord. (Leonardo da Vinci)



Sexual attraction makes up about 99% of the driving force that brings us together. It is also, in many cases the driving force for hard conflicts.

In this model we will look at finding ways to use the power of our sexuality to arrive at a happy and harmonious relationship.

In the theoretical part we will work with possible models: what ways are there of dealing with sexuality in the partnership? What are the pros and cons and what are the experiences of participants in this area? Then we will investigate the meaning of sexual roles for your life in a partnership.

In the practical part we look at unlearning old, fixed patterns in your emotional systems: everything left over from experiences, wounds, attributions and beliefs that keeps you from experiencing a free and loving sexuality will be examined and thrown out.  This will create the space for new, sensuous and loving experiences.

We will learn to lovingly accept all aspects of our physical appearance, big and small. Being confident makes you sexy, regardless of your dick size, your age, and the shape of your body.

We will then build up a small support system to multiply positive experiences and minimize bad experiences

In this module you will learn to accept the power of sexuality and to direct its energy into the growth of the relationship.