Module 5: Grow in love - spiritual dimensions of partnership

We are all in search of the essence of love. What is the meaning of being alone, oneness and unity?

We will confront the fear of being abandoned to discover a solution from a spiritual perspective.

Then we will go into the deeper meanings of and intentions for happy relationships.

Essentially, it examines "oneness" or the desire for "unity". Oneness with what? That is the crucial question. Ultimately it is in fact a quasi-religious longing motivates us to go back to the paradise of living in unity with a natural state of happiness.

On a deeply unconscious level, this yearning for paradise gnaws at us, and makes us ready to do anything to get back to that state of paradise.

Many of us experience this long way home as a patchwork of small and larger acts of substitution: We are part of "One heart and soul" with our partner, or part of a family, company, project, friends, community, etc.

The central drive behind everything

Although not obvious, this fundamental drive for love and oneness determines our whole lives. Everyone strives for whatever success or affection they can get, seeks "positive feedback" in the form of material success, respect and recognition, fame, power, applause, sexual fulfilment, gratitude, awards or titles. Ultimately they are all substitutes for proof that we are loved.

Love is the "whisper of prayer" behind our human existence. It is what holds the world together at its most fundamental. We all strive to be enveloped in this great noise. The way in which we distinguish different types of love - sexuality, emotional, spiritual and sometimes karmic love – depends on our current framework for how we behave or exist within the relationship.

Love within growth:  spiritual love does not exclude sexuality or emotions, but rather integrates them holistically. As integrated parts of love they fall under the guiding influence of the spiritual.

A truly spiritual person can thus enjoy his sexuality and show his feelings without shame.

In this module you will integrate previous learning to prepare yourself for the long path towards a happy relationship.