Massage Practitioner Training, Module 6 - Explorations in the inner universe

This module is about the role of the organs in tantra massage and especially about how you can integrate anal desire in the protected space of tantra massage.

To begin, we will focus our attention on the outer part of the anus. We will demonstrate the relaxing and at the same time pleasure-opening "rosebud massage". We show different touch techniques for this very sensitive but highly erotic area.

This allows your deep desires to connect with new possibilities of ecstasy. You will then learn how to apply the massage and of course you will also get into the role of the receiver.

In the next step you can learn how your rectum and the surrounding muscles work. We discuss hygiene and cleaning tips. We also explore our emotional connection with the anus. We create a framework in which clear communication is possible and you can express your wishes and needs. Trust is the central theme so that we can dive into the cave of pleasure together.

The next step is the demonstration of internal anal massage with direct prostate stimulation. Here we also try to convey the invisible. In the following applications of anal massage, we support each giver and make sure that everything happens according to the wishes and sensations of the receiver. Of course, in addition to the fingers (and hands?) we also use the numerous toys from our collection. We show you what to consider when using them, how you can gently increase the pleasure of your massage partner and, of course, how to clean and disinfect the toys at the end.

After we have experienced many pleasurable exercises together, the last sessions are about how you can best integrate your new knowledge and skills into the tantric massage.

Once we have overcome all the challenges of the training, we move on to the ceremonial awarding of the certificates.

In the theory section we continue with the relevant anatomical basics.

We also discuss the legal framework in the relevant European countries: How can you practice erotic massage in your home country? What are the most important regulations regarding legal practice, advertising, taxes? Who can support you?

Jul 21, 2022, 1:30:00 PM
Jul 24, 2022, 4:00:00 PM
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