You are sitting naked in front of another naked man. You close your eyes and breathe. You meet yourself in front of your partner. You prepare your self slowly and then the first, consciouss touch happens. Every touch decides for the next, every contact leads to the next. We meditate together. The body intelligence takes over, the mind relaxes. There is no determined course of actions, only the ingredients to cook this delicious meal.
We massage on the floor, use of the whole body and of the weight of it  (hands, feet, knees, head, arms and legs, buttocks and torso). We dance together, we build gradually trust to let our intuition be in the guiding role. We improvise and enjoy ourselves and the other in a sensual way and with respect.

You will experience what erotic energy feels like, when you touch a man with your whole body.
Calmly, slowly the intimacy develops.
The breath is guiding you.
Most of the exercises of this workshop take place without clothes. We work in couples, small groups and with the entire group.