Opening the box: A mindful approach to Gay Tantra

In this workshop we offer you new juicy
and exciting ways to sensuality and tantra in a mindful way.

Learn to live the here and now.  This means in many moments to live your erotic self. Through a series of exercises that will enable you to get grounded in all aspects of your life we will guide you to simple and effective ways to more sensuality and  harmony in your encounters. As we all know, Curiosity killed the cat and Anxiety kills the erotic encounter.  

The focus in Opening the Box is teaching you how to be connected with your inner core, including your erotic self and how to go in connection with others without fear or irritations. Feeling always safe is the key for good encounters.

We will teach you to learn to reduce the negative effects of irritations and turn them to the positive side. You will learn to direct these energies into new ways of slow and subtle approach to sensual encounters.

In Opening the Box we will be exploring different Mindfulness tools which will enable us to be more present and more aware of what is happening within and around us.

This  includes our awareness of our sensuality and sexuality, which will enrich our erotic encounters. (may be we can skip the next sentence: We will also learn several techniques that will help us to reduce the stress that every one of us has in everyday life. ) We will explore different modalities of meditation, like sitting, walking, dynamic, and lying down. These new tools in various situations – they will be very helpful for you also in your professional life, when stress comes up, or when having a sex date, that you´re excited and stressed about. We will learn to recognize stress and how to cope with it more effectively.

We will be practicing mindful movement and mindful touch, and we will open the door to the exciting realm of mindful sensuality.  Imagine yourself in a group of naked men, opening all the senses to each other, like smelling, hearing, touching, tasting,….lets open the box together so that we can enjoy these senses together with a new common spirit of Mindfulness.

Manuel and Thorsten will guide you with wisdom and pleasure through an exciting journey into the awareness of spirit and erotic power.

And most important, we will be doing it in a safe space, surrounded by other men who like men, gathering together, sharing a common energy that empowers us as members of a group, or tribe and make it to our group - our tribe.