Paris Tantric Evening 1

Paris Tantric Evening

One Friday per month Alexandre brings you a playful, sensual and
spiritual workshop , to free, play with and celebrate the creative
energy of your sexuality.
3 stand alone modules, which can be combined throughout the year and enjoyed in the order that suits you.
They take place the day before the "Sunny Tantric Workshop", so it is
possible to combine the two and sleep there if desired.

The workshops are open to all men regardless of gender who are eager to explore the potential sensitive, erotic, emotional and creative male body in a warm and friendly atmosphere. At the end of the course Alexandre invites you to share a light snack with drinks.

The Tantric Body

"Your body speaks better of you, than you"

Open the body to receive energy. Connect to each other through the
consciousness of our breathing, and allow the natural flow of circulate,
During this "Evening," we will prioritise body language and
self-expression through touch.

- Meditation and breathing in movement.
- Undressing and sharing the pleasure of nudity.
- The 7 energetic centers: discover the chakras, their qualities and
connections in a joyful group dance and duets.
- Tantric touch and massage of the back, buttocks and the outer
surface of the anus.
- Tantric super-party, to end the evening in a collective dance,
allowing us to liberate our "Inner child"

No experience of dance is needed to complete this module, although a good physical condition is preferable.