S/ Experience

The S/ Experience Team invites you to dedicate a weekend to the theme of your sexuality - learning, discovering and exploring in a special and exciting group atmosphere.

The workshop is aimed at all men who feel that their erotic life can be improved. Many of us are stuck in routines, like for example:
- Repeating learned patterns or patterns that have been successful in the past
- heavy porn consumption and associated fixation on certain visual patterns
- try to reproduce porn actions (which, however, do not suit potential sex partners)

Although the routines provide security on the one hand, they also severely restrict the possible pleasure. 

As the sexual experience and the needs change over the years, the old patterns often no longer match the current needs.
Sexperience is the laboratory in which a wide spectrum of different sensual and erotic experiences can be experienced in a supportive group. 

Depending on the course we will go out together once or twice to the gay scene. In the connection with the group you can collect new experiences and realize your fantasies.

You will learn from Gay Love Spirit Trainers and make many experiences together with the men in the group...

Note: All the listed experiences are examples of what you can expect when visiting this workshop. The experiences will depend and the group of men coming together. The trainers will adapt this Workshop according to participants needs.

A. For your practical skills:

1. Empowering your Main Tool

  • Learn and practise to have sensual, long lasting and strong masturbation sessions
  • how to prepare yourself for a good f***

2. Exploring your Anus

  • Learning about your anus
  • Getting in touch with your anus
  • Learning and exploring giving and receiving sensual and deep anal massages
  • Learning to communicate and to trust in sexual encounters

3. Breathing and Suc****

  • Breathing techniques
  • Sucking techniques – according to the 10 golden rules for perfect bl** jobs

B. For your social and communicative skills

  • Creating little supportive structures go out with friends to feel secure, having fun and be playfull in public spaces
  • Practising meaningfull „sensual homework“ in a gay sauna together with your friends

C. Setting a safe space for sexuality in your life

  • Setting hygenic standards in the group space that allows everybody to feel as safe as possible – beeing at the same time joyfull and playfull with hygene and Safer Sex
  • Sharing and learning about sexual transmitted deaseases (STD)
  • Learn about how pornography effects your sex life
  • Using Porn in a meaningfull way to enrich your sex life
  • Discover and may be re-discover your sexual personality
  • „Lets talk about sex“

We set up opportunities to practice these skills with a lot of playfullness in an atmosphere of trust, friendship and discovery. We will use breath, touch, movement, sound and sensual experience as doorways into a freer and more fulfilling sexuality.

We will work with the desires and growth of each participant, emphasizing individual freedom of choice and accountability. You will have to opportunity to learn and to practise with a large variety of men. These men will not often meet your dream fantasies – but this is one of the challenges in our learning enviroment. On the ofter hand, you will have always the opportunity to stepp back a bit, stay for some moments in the silent Love Lounge and come back into the playroom when you are ready again.

Why a groupworkshop?

Each man in the group has his own weaknesses and strong points in dealing with sex. Observe how others deal with the topics you still have troubles with, and you will find solutions for your own themes. You are welcome to share your own experiences with the group so that others can benefit from them.

Eros and Spirituality

One of our guidelines is: We create a safe framework in which men can consciously develop in the interplay of sex and spirit. Men from many countries and with very different backgrounds come to our Sexperience workshops. If you have a great interest in sexual topics, but so far have no contact with modern spirituality, feel invited anyway - we are open to all people, even those who rather call themselves rationalists, atheists, enlightened, technology and progress enthusiasts - but we also wish from them an openness towards us and our methods.
The most important thing for our common successful journey through the experiences in an intensive workshop is the openness with which we will go together into new experiences and the mutual respect.

Before you start - The time between booking and the workshop

After booking S/ Experience online, you will get a first automatic confirmation email with the technical details of the workshop and a  questionnaire which will be detailed concerning your own needs and desires. In addition, you will receive an access code to our little web-cloud.
In the Web-cloud you will find more than 40 filmclips and movies for download. Please watch them and comment them. There is a small evaluation sheet for the porn-scoring. We recommend you to do this becauseit is a big advantage if you know what excites you and what does not. In addition there are some basic texts and we would like that you please read before your arrival.
Depending on your own sexual history, we ask you to do a general STD-Check 2-3 weeks prior to the workshop.

What is included in the workshop fee?

  • The tuition fee
  • Drinks
  • All the supplies we need, condoms, lube, gloves, etc

What is not included - Your extra money for:

  • All transportation in Berlin, Cologne, Madrid or Vienna (depending on your choices between 13 and 30 Euros)
  • Some entrance fees for Sauna, Sexclub, some drinks there
  • Overnight stay. See the specific event for more info
  • Some food at lunchtime and in the nightlife (from Vegie Döner to Currywurst)

Interviews for S/ Experience: