Sexcoach Thorsten and his co-sexcurers invite you to join a workshop full of sexual eye-openers
'Are more drugs, more toys and more partners the only way to a better sexlife?'. Or is there a natural way to a longer lasting Sexual Satisfaction?
There is. But the only way to get there is by starting to explore yourself. Become a sexplorer and join other gay and bisexual men in this weekend workshop. A group workshop full of playful exercises, food for thought and erotic bodywork and massage. Naked, honest and in a safe environment.

Finding your place between the extremes
We don't have many healthy sexual role models.
Porn shows us how to get off quick with fantasies brought to life. It fires up our fuck-for-survival instinct. Touch, pull and shoot. Tantra shows us how to connect, create intimacy and even connect with the larger Self. Between these two extremes there is a whole sexual and sensual range to play with yourself and your partner(s). A 1001 ways to engage with body and mind! To move from horny lust to intimate touch, from erotic trance to partner connection, and back. This workshop invites you to find your place between the extremes by exploring. Our aim: Get more and longer lasting Sexual Satisfaction in a natural way. Alone and with others.

Topics covered in the workshop:
- overcoming shame
- dealing with rejection
- being free with other men and claiming your space
- sexual role models

- the taoist model for a strong healthy erection

- the full spectrum of sex explains how the different kinds of sex balance and strengthen each other

- links between sex practises and the Chakra system
- introduction in intuitive erotic massage
- masturbation coaching; wanking as a way to energize yourself, and use sexual energy as a creative calming force instead of releasing it only.

Why a group workshop?
Each man in the group has his own weaknesses and strong points in dealing with sex. Observe how others deal with the topics you still have troubles with, and you will find solutions for your own themes. You are welcome to share your own experiences with the group so that others can benefit from them.


Interviews for SexCursion: