Experience the joy of being naked in front of a camera, free from inhibition and without shame. This workshop is about releasing/nourishing your inner exhibitionist.
We will offer an unforgettable experience: A full weekend of attention from the camera and other men, while enjoying intimacy, flirting, sexual moments, touch and many tantric exercises.

A lovely intimate time together with other men. So, do you love to be naked with others? Or, are you just curious? Do you want to experience what it is to be seen naked, being massaged or having sex while others are watching or while being photographed? To play with yourself in front of the camera. To be seductive? Grab the opportunity! We can guarantee you will find it liberating.

Extra for you:
We will combine photo shoots with workshop sessions by Youssef. Also since it’s the Easter Weekend, Berlin will be hosting the big Leather Weekend, so we’ll go out as a  group to enjoy that too.

Overcome shame in a straightforward way. Take that final step!
For all those who dream to be naked or half naked in public…
Explore your desire to be seen by others while being naked, it’s your choice to also have sex or not.

- Show off and be admired, even if you have never dared to before.
- Get experience of being proudly in front of the camera, alone & with others.
- Get some great pics of yourself, which you can then use for a variety of purposes.
- Learn how to undress and use clothing in an ulluring way.
- Explore different ways of dressing. Play with costumes & outfits.
- Learn how to flirt with the camera, how to take up male and female poses.

If you attend
- you can take the pics of you (alone) home
- you give us the right to publish photos in which you are blindfolded (so not recognisable)
- if we want to use other photos of you , we will ask you for the rights (we will do that directly after the photo shoot).
- there may be some photos of couples or  groups in which you are recognisable, we will also ask your permission before we use them.

Currently there is no workshop scheduled. If you want to be among the first ones to be notified, please send a mail to