Shamanic Eros + Rainbow Warriors

Shamanic Eros

 A workshop-ritual connecting body and spirit, exploring shamanic pathways in combination with spirited and sensual healing. Explore your inner shaman through the use of medicinal herbs, flowers, healing waters and smoke. Connect to spirit guides and energize the chakra-system through shamanic movement and bodywork. Experience a playful and magical jungle full of surprises, incorporate different Totem animals and work with their healing qualities. In this workshop I share my experience as a healer in spiritual, shamanic ceremonies. Together we focus on the shamanic touch of healing. You will receive herb-baths and explore and experiment how to work with different herbs to help clean and relax the energetic body. Especially for this workshop I created the Totem animal mediation, an active-guided meditation in which we connect to our Spirit guides, an inspiration for the rest of this day or for any project or challenge in life. A playful workshop in which we enter an enchanting forest where magic, intimacy, pleasure and healing takes place. A safe and playful space to invoke you inner healer. Key ingredient in RespiRo ritual is the Sensual healing, you will exchange this warm and healing touch with another brother while I guide you through it, creating a space to deeply enjoy loving care and attention and to dive deep into delicious sensations. Stand strong in Queer brotherhood with your rainbow tribe singing, praying, playing and dancing! 



 United we stand as a tribe of rainbow-warriors. In this workshop we invite the Orixá Oxumaré, African ancestor. This serpent deity is known for his healing qualities on sexuality and the balancing of fe/ male energy. We will meditate, paint, sing and dance. The day starts with shamanic movement series: Tensegrity from ancient Mexico, to create body awareness and to turn the body on. Meditating on the qualities and healing aspects of several Queer deities from different cultural backgrounds, inviting their spirit into our hearts and consciousness. Opening the 4 directions to create a ritualistic space in which we invoke our Queer Spirits and give bodily expression through the use of organic bodypaint. Become your own Totem, be inspired and color your brother. After this touch introduction, exchange and exploration we will flow into the healing touch of  Sensual Healing, a treatment that is a true gift to the receiver and can be a healing experience for the healer as well. With conscious touch you will guide your partner into a deep, warm and safe journey, offering a powerful, intimate healing experience. Together we will dance and celebrate the diversity of our II Spirit tribe, of our rainbow family honoring Pacha Mama, Madre Tierra.