Sensual conscious movement

Sensual conscious movement

3 days of, touch, tantra, rituals, dance for no dancers, yoga and massages.


We prepare for you a workshop which is both physical and sexy. This happens on a scenic mountain in the south of Austria, in a beautiful house with garden, sauna, pool and a workshop space. We will share massages, movement and nice meals while learning about ourselves through movement and coaching methods. This workshop is about exploring and enjoying sensual conscious movements. Together we can relax, be playful, enjoy the space and bring sensuality to our lives.



Bruno is a dancer with 20 years of experience, he is a yoga and pilates teacher and he studies dance pedagogy in Barcelona.

Tomi is a gaylovespirit trainer who works as a coacher, breathing work and very dedicated to the joy of life, food and tantra.

Moxe is a trainer in gaylovespirit for many years he is dedicated to tantra, body consciousness and ritual systemic work.

What do we offer:

Morning movement to wake up our body outdoors
Learning and sharing massages
Conscious Movements
Rituals and exercises around our body, intimacy and sexuality
Breathing techniques 
Good Food,  sensual tantra and magic moments.

Each person is following his rhythm, in dancing as well as in yoga.  No prior dancing or yoga experience is needed, a certain flexibility is always helping. Each man follows his way of moving. Together we'll dance, reflect, participate in rituals- widening our boundaries and opening our hearts just a bit more.