After our festival Summer Evolution, the Summer Eros Community takes place during the week from Tuesday to Sunday.
We meet in a beautiful, undisturbed setting at Bötzsee near Strausberg, about 45 km east of Berlin. The Barnim is a beautiful landscape full of lakes and forests.
The first days are full of encounters and the group will slowly grow together. The early morning programme consists of yoga, meditation and silence.  We spend time together in nature. 
In the next days, different sensual and erotic experiences will be the main focus. We work together on our physical and erotic well-being. We have fun together, make new connections and learn from each other.
The third aspect of the retreat is to allow you to experience the community of men in its different dimensions. We learn together what it means to live together as a gay group and to share everyone's individual visions about their sex and love life and to accept and realise the different desires about sex, intimacy and erotic life according to possibilities.
The Summer Eros Community will take place in the special space of the Neue Spitzmühle. This will support our group processes.