Summer Eros Retreat

We will meet in a wonderful, undisturbed enviroment at the Lychen lake, in the North of Berlin.

Five international teachers will come together to create a special summer highlight for you by combining their skills and passions in the areas of Energy Work, Erotic Massage, Authentic Eros, Touch, Breathwork, Voice Work, Shamanism, Yoga and Dance.

Every day will begin with bodywork and meditation. There will be a daily segment devoted to the teaching and practicing of mindful, sensual touch and erotic massage. We will have some time to ourselves in the afternoons, and in the evenings we'll conclude the day with powerful rituals.
The focus of this Summer Eros Retreat will be to experience and explore playful, embodied and conscious eroticism within the community of men.

In the last years, there was always a group of men who know our work well and there are also men coming for the first time to Gay Love Spirit. We have discovered that this is a good mixture for a supporting group dynamic.
Experience, openness and curiosity support each other mutually. Our large team of trainers has always the possibility to accompany each individual and support and thus support the expansion possibilities of each participant.