Come join us for an ecstatic experience of Love, Sound and Pleasure!
In this workshop we experience the power and vibration of our voices resonating in our body, liberating and releasing blocked energy, so that our wonderful life-force and sexual energy can flow freely through our whole being again, for the way we use our voice and connect it to our body is in itself already a healing process.
Most of all it is a way to reconnect with your own physicality and sensuality, your heart and spirit through the pleasuring waves of sound, music and gentle, yet powerful bodywork.

Marc will guide us with chanting, soul-singing and music to the deepest parts of our soul and body, to bring us in touch with the perfect spiritual, sensual and joyful being within, while the body work and channeling of David will help us to integrate new-found experiences into our bodies, so that the pleasure in the here and now becomes our everyday reality.
Heaven is not something that is far away somewhere else, you can let your life become the most wonderful Heaven on Earth!

Currently there is no workshop scheduled. If you want to be among the first ones to be notified, please send a mail to

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