Training for Singles

We are offering a new series of three workshops for single men. You will gain resources to develop a better self-awareness and discover how you can open up. Some of us want a relationship and feel disappointed if we cannot find one, others might feel that we have to conform to a certain kind of relationship to meet standards held by our immediate circle of friends or family. And then, believe it or not, there are happy single men, really enjoying their lives to the full. 

The groundwork of this three-part training is an exploration of these central themes:

- How do I create and maintain intimacy?
- How do I talk openly and honestly about sexual desires and ideas?
- The challenges of finding a partner. 
- Investigating old patterns e.g. How do I behave with friends and other important people in my life?

This series of workshops offers an open space that accepts your whole self and your desires. We support you to be happy where you feel comfortable and challenge you to change what is not working for you.
We will explore verbal and non-verbal communication, flirting and falling in love. We look at where we come from, our relationships with parents and siblings; our experiences at school and with homophobia, and our feelings about the gay scene today. In the rituals and systemic work we will transform the negative effects of the experiences of our past.

The training includes a mix of lessons, conversations, role-play, bodywork, systemic work and rituals. We encourage you to discover the connections between mind, body and spirit. For real change all of these areas need to be touched.

Give yourself time to explore and learn through this training

We find ourselves in a phase where our community moves fast, searching constantly for excitement and new experiences. At such a fast pace it’s hard to develop; we need time and repetitions to make a change. Our mind needs to comprehend, our body needs to feel safe and our soul needs to be nourished. Creating intimacy within a group of men, building trust and opening up to find our own path requires a longer process.
We offer a spacious time frame during which we meet every two months and have the possibility to communicate with one another between. In this way we are able to open up matters with care and also have the time to resolve them. As a lively gay community we create support networks, (our last training groups are still in touch with one another.) We help you to find long-term solutions outside of the group if necessary. (We don’t claim to have solutions for everything, but we do have insights and experience to support you in many different ways).