Do Yourself Good - Classic Full Body Massage

A journey into the world of classic full body massage

If you often feel tense, your body pinches and twinges in every corner and just screams that it urgently needs a time-out, then this workshop might just be the right thing for you.  

On this weekend we would like to invite you to come with us on a journey around the topic of professional full body massage. 

Step by step we will learn different massage techniques and see where we can release tension with bodywork exercises to make your body and that of your partner more flexible and fit.  We focus on individual areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, back, neck or shoulders and show you how you can loosen blockages and relieve pain with just a few strokes. 

In addition to the dynamic sports massage, relaxation should not be neglected either, so we will familiarise you more intensively with the wellness massage in the second section. Here we will learn how to bring the massager into deep relaxation with different breathing techniques, long strokes and the use of different parts of the body, ending with a gentle belly and face massage.

Since a "professional" massage also requires a little theoretical knowledge, we will also take a short journey into the world of anatomy and explain which things need to be taken into account and what is meant by one's own optimal posture. 

And last but not least, we will take a little turn and tell you a little about different oils, aromas and try out the "hot roll". 

In order to be able to try out all the knowledge you have learned, there will be enough time on Sunday to give and enjoy your very own massage.

This workshop is suitable for beginners. Advanced practitioners will also learn a lot.