Connecting to the soul: life beyond fear and ego

Outer world and inner world. Spirituality in accord with body, mind and soul.

In our everyday consciousness we are constantly confronted with the structure of our personality in all its various aspects.
Thoughts, emotions and sensory impressions generate experiences of joy and suffering, fear, loneliness and vulnerability.

By going inside – going into the silence – we can become aware of a silent awareness – the universal ‘I’– that is always present in the background. It is the basis of our trust, intuition and creativity, and the source of our gratitude, love and joy.

This seminar will focus on how our minds relentlessly produce thoughts and desires in order to distract us from looking within.
We will look at the game of life, with its constant change, creation and destruction, development and decline, the natural cycle of birth and death.

Group meditation, mindfulness, energy work, dance and massage will be used to bring us towards an expanded consciousness of the connections between the inner and outer worlds – with acceptance and empathy for ourselves and others.

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